It finally happened. I finally saw BTOB, I finally saw Yook Sungjae aka the love of my life, my number one baby boy.  I sort of regret not getting VIP tickets because we were seated soooo far away from the stage but until BTOB gets a solo con, I’m fine seeing them from afar 🙂

Here are some of the photos I took, but you can read a more detailed post here in my fandom blog 🙂

I also got my BTOB lightstick which was Marvin’s birthday gift 😛 It’s so pretty huhu I’m so excited to be part of the slow blue ocean, too.  I did see some of my twitter mutuals who I’ve been friends with for two years now, but I was too shy to approach anyone. Hehe.

We got there just in time but we had to find batteries for the light stick and to eat as well.  Good thing there was no traffic so I got this fanchant cheat sheet and a Feel Em banner 🙂  I wasn’t able to bond with PH Melodies but it’s all right, I’m sure I will still see them soon!

I’m not sure if the guards didn’t see that we brought a camera or they didn’t mind because we were far, lol.  The area was so steep from where we were seated and I actually felt a bit dizzy looking at the stage.



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