Better late than never.  I went through a lot of ups and downs last 2016 and I admit I ended the year sulking and being miserable.  But those are not things I want to remember.  Instead, I wrote down a list of what I should be thankful for in 2016.  Positive vibes all the way!

Things I’m Thankful for in 2016:

  1. Taiwan Trip with College Friends! Definitely the highlight of my year.  It was my second international trip and my first one with friends.  I couldn’t stop talking about it and blogged our four-day trip to Taiwan as well.
  2. Bicol Trip with Family. We rarely go out anymore so it’s a blessing in disguise Papa was assigned to work there and we had time to *relax* despite the 16-hour travel time.  It’s the first time I rode the ATV!
  3. One beach trip at the Sunset Cove for the whole year. I’m not a beach person at all, but I love swimming! Huhu, at least I got to visit one beach , lol.
  4. I still have a job. Things were difficult for the company last year but I’m glad I was chosen to stay.
  5. Asian Dramas. Gosh, asian dramas never fail to make me happy.  Last year, I watched the best lineup of dramas EVER.  It’s hard to choose a top 3 but Reply 1988 definitely won my heart.  If not for Mars, I would’ve chosen Reply as my favorite drama ever.
  6. Bought domains for my personal and fandom blog. Finally! I’ve been planning to do this for so long and I finally did it.  I think it’s a bit expensive since I’m just doing this as a hobby and I don’t even get money from writing, but it makes me happy.  🙂
  7. Fifth Anniversary. Who knew we would last this long? I’m extremely lucky I found someone who loves me unconditionally. 🙂
  8. Tenth Anniversary with College Friends. I don’t have a lot of friends so my college friends are everything to me, to be honest.
  9. Went back to Elbi. It still is my favorite place in the world.  My friends were talking how it doesn’t feel nostalgic at all because it felt like we were just there a day before.
  10. One OK Rock ConcertRight after our Taiwan Trip.  It was a huge blessing that I was able to see Toru play the guitar live and of course, hear Taka sing.  Goosebumps all over!
  11. A1 Concert. I finally met my future husband aka Ben Adams.  Haha! You know he’s my biggest crush since I was nine years old so to be able to see him in person, about just a foot away, *swoons*.
  12. Pascuallab Activities. My friends always tell me that our company has a lot of extra curricular activities and to be honest, that’s what I’m thankful the most.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like work especially when you are with people you like.  I celebrated my second year at work— the longest company I’ve been with since I started working.
  13. Had my graduation picture taken.  After more than four years.  Waaay, way overdue!

What I’m looking forward to this 2017:

  1. Taiwan 2017 trip.  Haha, we’re going baaack! This time I’ll go with Jane and her sister.  Dex already went back, not sure if Cherith’s planning to go back.  See, we all fell in love with Taiwan!
  2. Renew my blog domains. Ahh, it got more expensive.  I didn’t save enough money last year so I’m broke right now, lol.  But I still have a lot of backlogs from last year and I hope I can write about them all the soonest possible time!
  3. Find a job that I really love. I’ve been complaining for the longest time that I’m stuck on a job I don’t like.  It didn’t mean I hate the company and the people, and that I would resign right away.  I just want to something I love, unrelated to my course, even just once.
  4. Take more pictures, write more. In short, blog, haha.  But yup I need to take more pictures this year!  Especially since Marvin bought a new lens for “our” camera, heehee.
  5. Volunteer in as many events as possible. So far, I joined the WWF x SEED activity this year.  I always enjoy these events so I’m looking forward for more.
  6. Be more positive, happier, lessen complains. I should print this and stick it everywhere as a reminder.  I’ve been very, very grumpy lately.
  7. Go to places. It has always been my dream to travel to different places 🙂
  8. Save up. Number one priority if I want to make things happen.
  9. Eat healthier, move, sleep better, and not get sick as often.  This too.  I’m not getting any younger and I’ve been abusing my body ever since.  Getting sick is annoying but there’s no one to help me but myself.
  10. Learn a new skill.  The question is what and do I have money for this? LOL.


Will try to update this list as often as possible, hopefully! 😀

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