December 19, 2016
Dekada | Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

We were arguing the day before if it’s our fourth or fifth anniversary.  Haha, honestly, I don’t remember anymore.  We met way back in 2919 and I thought we only *dated* around 2012, after I graduated?  Apparently, we were together last 2011, during my last sem in elbi.  Haha, I always forget the anniversary every year 😛 Not that it’s not important but we’re too *chill* to take things seriously.  I know it’s not something a lot of people understand, but I’m quite happy with our setup.  I don’t even want to explain how things work out for us but I’m glad that he’s my best friend and he decided to stick around 😛

These days, all I do is work, so got out really late so we had no choice but eat at Trinoma, again.  I was looking for restaurants there that we haven’t tried (we’ve tried a lot since I practically live there lol) and decided to go to a Japanese restaurant because it looked like not many people eat there.  After a whole day’s work, I just want a quiet place to talk.  While we were looking for the restaurant, we happened to pass by Dekada, a Filipino restaurant, and I felt the bagnet calling out to me.  We ditched the Jap restaurant and ate at Dekada instead.

CREYYYYS.  SOBRANG SARAP.  Take note that I was hungry and craving for bagnet when we ate here.  But really, the food is that good and so worth the price.  We also ordered Sinigang na Halabos na Hipon, Halo-halo, and Watermelon Shake.  Yum!

Will definitely come back with my family here next time 🙂 I want to try the other dishes but I was so full already!

Marvin was patiently teaching me how to use the manual mode of the camera but I’m too much of a brat to listen because I was so tired.  Haha.  Hi Marvin! Thank you for all your patience, here’s to more years of eating together ❤︎ Can we promise not to get any fat(ter) in the future, too? 😀 I love you.

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