June 11, 2016
Sunset Cove | Morong, Bataan

Department level-up! Lol. Now we’re planning department outings and I love it.  We’re used to our drinking sessions (LOL) at Claude’s restobar but I’m so glad this outing pushed through! I enjoyed this quite a lot– heee.  The beach has fine, white sand and the water is super clear and there are no fishes around.  Yayyy!

I love swimming but fishes irk me, as well as dark sand on my toes.  So when I saw that the beach has fine white sand, I’m sold.  I even borrowed goggles from my boss’ daughter so I can appreciate the sea more.  Haha.  In the end I got sunburnt despite putting a lot of sunscreen.  Had a HUGE pimple on my face too.

We didn’t have a lot of pictures, mostly because we were eating, singing, or swimming.  Haha.  That’s a good thing I guess? 🙂

So full! Here’s our breakfast buffet! 🙂

Mark brought this game and we were having fun but then we didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful beach.  LOL.

My boss’ son! So so cute! <3


if I have any complaints, hmm.. I just wish the restrooms were a little bit nicer 🙁 Plus the place had no signal at all! I was supposed to go to my cousin’s debut but since I can’t contact anyone, I ended up not going.

In general, it was a fun experience.  Sulit. 😛

Last I heard, they’re planning another beach trip this coming August.  Haha, SCM, we’re on a roll! 🙂

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