June 03, 2016
Kidzania Manila | Bonifacio Global City

PCHC Pedia Product Launch! So proud to be part of the Pascuallab Family ♥ Also, it’s our 70th anniversary this year! Congratulations, everyone.   This is one of my favorite eventss since I started working for this company two years ago.  I guess the adults enjoyed as much as the kids too 😉

More under the cut 😉

Cute kids in the office the whole day!

   Funny because my younger brother is actually part of the Kidzania Family 😛

Baby Micah is getting so big already!

My boss, Ma’am Coring + my brother

Galing Pascuallab!

Best activity so far!

Guy is actually pretty cute, lol

BEST.  The kids are suuuuper cute!

.Parade after the activity 🙂

So proud of the team who made this event possible! Congratulations for a very successful and enjoyable launch ♥ 🙂


2 thoughts on “PCHC Pedia Product Launch at Kidzania Manila!”

  1. Grabe dati college pa lang yung brother mo, ngayon may work na sya. I feel old. Hahaha! Anyway, Kidzania looks fun! Kailangan ba ng bata para pumunta? 😛

    1. Hahahaha I think di nga kayo nagkakalayo ng age? One year lang gap niyo (ata)! Haha.

      Anyway super enjoy naman pero sadly kelangan ng bata (+mahal grabe) hahaha. Swerte lang kami dahil free 🙂

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