May 20, 2016
Din Tai Fung | Soi | BSA Twin Towers | Mesa
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

I’ll be honest, I’m still a bit pissed because of what happened with our IE 06 reunion.  We were supposed to have a get-together last May 20 at a resort in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.  The day after, we planned to go to UPLB for brunch.  But it didn’t happen.  And to think I was so excited to go back to Elbi because it’s been YEARS since I last went there.

Anyway, Dex and I planned this get-together a month before but for some reason, majority of our blocmates didn’t even reply.  Hey, I don’t care if you’re going or not, just at least acknowledge the invitation because it’s RUDE not to.  The day before the event, I actually had to tag everyone who ticked “Maybe” in their invites.  What the hell was that?  SMH.  Some people even canceled the day before so I got really mad and messaged them, haha.  #BeastMode Imagine, I had to cancel on the DAY ITSELF and it’s super embarrassing for those who agreed to go.  They cleared up their schedules for this but then, there were people who are inconsiderate of other people’s time.  Sheeeesh.  Lesson learned: never ever volunteer to organize for this batch again.  LOL.

Moving forward, I am really glad Abby was still able to join us! Aaaand luckily, July and Adrian agreed to go, too! 🙂 It sucked tho because we could’ve planned something better and invited more people who are willing to join us, but anyway, I should stop being so bitter about it.  Haha.

Since it was a Friday night, of course the traffic was hell. We got separated into two groups 😀 Ate dinner at Din Tai Fung with Dex (we came from Centris lol), Abby, and July (who came from the South, really appreciate it! :3) because we were early.  An hour or so after, we joined Cherith, Adrian (from Makati!), and Alex (from Laguna, thanks friend! HAHA) at Soi 🙂

We spent almost the whole afternoon looking for hotels to book and thank God we found one.  Cherith booked a room at BSA Twin Towers near Megamall and we’re so thankful that it was really cheap, HAHA. *Tada* Room 2006! LOL.

The room was pretty huge except that there weren’t enough beds 😉 And the aircon couldn’t really accommodate all seven of us, lol.  We went grocery shopping before heading there– just a few beers, a bottle of Boracay Rum, yakult, junk food, toiletries, and stuff for breakfast the next day 🙂

It felt like college all over again– especially since we all lived in the same “house” together in college at some point.  There were lots of laughter, and tears (from Cherith LOL), too.  Ahh, I miss this a lot.  My elbi friends are my go-to friends. I know I don’t have a lot of friends so I treasure the ones I have.  To call myself blessed by having these people around is such an understatement.  It may sound cheesy, but that’s what I have always felt 🙂

So, uh, we placed some mattresses on the floor so we can sleep comfortably.  BUT, poor me slept in between Alex and Dex, with July around– ALL THREE of them were snoring really really LOUDLY.  Around 4:30 in the morning, I was about to cry because I could not sleep at all.  I’ve slept with these guys (literally okay) back in college but they weren’t like that! What happened?!?!?! HAHAHA. So I barely slept the whole night.  And I have to meet my high school friends in a little while…

We were so grateful (and sorry because we’re so noisy! hahaha) because Abby was there acting like a Mom to us kids 😛 No one from our group (I assume) can cook and she cooked breakfast for us :”) Che helped with our coffee just so she can brag about how “domesticated” she is.  LOL. Thanks again Abby! We’re very happy you came with us! 🙂

This is a very, very familiar scene 😛 I wouldn’t mind waking up to this ♥︎ #Cheese *SHIVERS*

Finally, swimming! I haven’t stopped whining about it the whole time because I really, really love swimming pools. LOL.  So of course we wouldn’t let this “Staycation” end without swimming. Yay! It’s a pretty basic pool but we didn’t care.  We just wanted to swim. Haha. Sadly Adrian and July didn’t have swimming stuff with them because I only called them in the morning, HAHAHA.

Trinity <3 Hope we can do this again, soon! *clingy*

Went to Megamall again as soon as we checked out.  Ate at Mesa for lunch 🙂

It was a super fun experience.  It started out so bad (for me, at least) but it ended happily and that is what’s important.  And oh, we only spent around Php900 for everything O___O So that’s a huge plus!

I have a wonderful set of friends 🙂 We’re not hard to please– we can live with chismisan alone, tbh 😛 We don’t even party (except for Dex hahaha) and we’re actually a bunch of nerds / geeks / fangirls / fanboys to begin with so we all get along 🙂 Ahh, it’s been a week already so I miss you all ♥ #sepanx

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