May 21, 2016
Intramuros, Manila | Bambike Ecotours

First time to go to Intramuros! 🙂 Right after my staycation with Elbi friends, I went straight to Intramuros, Manila with Glaiza, Jenny, and Lily 🙂 Finally, we’re complete! 😀

The whole place is so photogenic! Ilocos feels all over again ❤︎ More pictures under the cut!

Blogger pose.  Hahaha.  I didn’t have a lot of pictures of myself because 1. I look like a mess– zero hours of sleep, you guys. 2. I brought the camera anyway.  LOL. Sorry friends, I would’ve been more excited for this if I actually know how to ride a bike! Haha.

With their tour guide, Ces.

Sooo, this is the “two-seater” bike! They told me that it wouldn’t be a waste to go there since there are bikes available for two anyway.  BUT I didn’t expect this 🙁  I was thinking of the bikes used in Korean Dramas like this one,or even something like this, or a trike, but nope.  Just a single bike with a larger seat.  Haha, oh well.  Maybe next time.  I hope.

I ended up alone and just photographed whatever interested me.  But because of lack of sleep, I went to a coffee shop to sleep for iced coffee and read Akatsuki no Yona instead.  Priorities. Well, I was supposed to go the museum but I didn’t want to waste money especially since I was not in the mood.  Haha!

I’ll come back again, Intramuros!

Ate dinner at Kanin Club, QC, after getting lost several times.  Hahaha.  I promise I’ll join next time! For now, I’ll learn how to ride a bike first, heee.

Beach this June? 😀

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