February 25, 2016
Enchanted Kingdom | Sta. Rosa, Laguna

After almost a month of planning, our Enchanted Kingdom Trip finally pushed through! \:D/ Less than a week before this, we were not even a hundred percent sure that everyone who promised to go will actually join.  Thank heavens for a successful trip albeit gloomy weather 😛 Huge thanks to Danica for organizing everything!

Here’s to more outings in the future, yes? 🙂

We rode the Flying Fiesta first, then went straight to Rialto, and then the Space Shuttle (which I didn’t try, OF COURSE).  All these in less than an hour XD I’ve been here for several times already and I was used to savoring every part of the amusement park.  This time around, everyone’s like a kid hopping from one ride to another, I can barely keep up 😛

Free lunch! 😀

I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to ride the Jungle Log Jam because it’s one of my favorites, huhu.  We just ate lunch and I cannot afford to get sick again, so I didn’t join them.  I thought we’re going to come back for another round, but we made other plans instead.
I don’t know about you, but this looks like a Kdrama date to me :))

I realized that I am not that afraid of heights, it’s more of fear of the speed, I guess? I didn’t have any problems with Flying Fiesta or Wheel of Fate even if  was a hundred feet above the ground.  But if I ride the Space Shuttle, I just know I’ll have a heart attack in the middle of the ride.  My Grizzly Bear experience in HongKong was enough for me to reach this conclusion, lol.

Maybe they were thinking how pathetic I was for not trying anything but to be honest, I enjoyed watching them and taking photos (with Marvin’s camera, hoho).  I’ve always been the ~official~ photographer every time my family/friends go to amusement parks so it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway.  I’m just glad to be out of the house for a while.  And I missed Laguna so much, it would suck if I pass this up because who knows when I’ll be back?

Priceless reactions, you guys :))

We left EK early because…. *surprise*, we’re going to Tagaytay! Haha!  That was so sudden, but then again, the most spontaneous ideas are usually the best ones 😉

So… off to Tagaytay! 🙂

Will finish the Tagaytay post in a while 🙂 Haha, what a productive looong weekend.

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