One of the most interesting themes we had during our five-week long Exchange Gift in the office is this theme — Something Embarrassing to Carry in Public.  I had so many ideas in mind but I didn’t want to commute carrying that item as it will defeat the purpose of passing that embarrassment to someone else.  Haha.  What made it exciting too is the fact that we had no clue who our babies were as Mark used code names :))


Here are the gifts!



We also had another boodle fight for this ~event~.

I was called first, haha, LUCKY! I think I got the best gift :))

img_4182 img_4184 img_4193 img_4190 img_4195 img_4194 img_4198 img_4196 img_4199 img_4197 img_4200 img_4201 img_4206 img_4204 img_4203 img_4202


Advance Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂

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