December 29, 2014
Phoenix Gasoline Station
Balagtas, Bulacan

Every year, we always make sure that we all (Mother’s side~) gather together and celebrate Christmas.  We’ve decided to do it a day before the holiday and Tito Dennis is generous enough to let us the space at his Phoenix gasoline station at Balagtas.

We didn’t have enough time to plan the theme for this year so we decided to just stick with the Green/Red theme 🙂


I painted my nails red and green, too! Earlier that day, I was with Nikki and Nina and I asked them to accompany me and buy a green shirt.  I was supposed to wear something red (because I have lots of red clothes and almost zero green ones!) but my family wanted to wear green so I didn’t have a choice T_T

Anyway, good job cousins for making props at our mini Photo Booth! Since our family enjoys taking pictures quite a lot, this was definitely a good idea! Maybe in the next years to come, we’d still come up with something like this one 🙂


As usual, my brother hosted the event :))

We always look forward to the games because of the kids! We’re a big family of babies and kids, btw 🙂

Of course, the teens and adults were part of the games too! :)) I even helped in facilitating the games.  If I had known that they were planning days before, I would’ve volunteered to help in the preparation of food and games.

Also, this year’s raffle is a bit different! For the past few years, we buy gifts to be raffled and we make sure that almost everyone receives gifts.  But since we have a bigger budget this year, we opted to buy more expensive items.  Winners will be a lot less, though.  But at least the prizes are so worth it! The grand prize for this year is a flat screen TV! 😀

I won a stand fan this year.  I’m actually really lucky in raffle prizes because in every contest, I don’t usually go home empty-handed XD

#blessed LOL.

IMO, our Christmas parties continue to get better each year, and I hope that this continues until I get married and have kids of my own XD Every Christmas party in our family is a blessing for all of us and I’m praying that 2015 will be so much better than the previous one. 🙂

Facebook album here 😀

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