Hello, meet my new favorite lip balm! This is Maybelline’s Baby Lips Lip Balm in Anti-Oxidant Berry.  There are other flavors available in the Philippines as well – Energizing Orange, Smoothing Cherry, and Relieving Menthol.  I bought this one because well, I love the colors (yay for Pink and Blue! :O) and I’ve always wondered how it tastes like. All my other lip balms are either Orange or Cherry-flavored. Haha. This isn’t actually my first choice because I wanted to try the Orange one since I had a lip balm from Avon before with the same flavor and I loved it.  I wanted to try the Menthol too, but based on reviews, it smells a lot like medicine / Vicks (?) and I don’t want that on my lips.


LOL sorry for the flash *_*

Like what the label says, it keeps the lips moisturized, smooth, and soft.  However, there are times when I feel that it’s a bit dry so I always have this urge to lick my lips.  As much as possible, you shouldn’t lick your lips since it will just make your lips drier.


Only PhP79! 😀 And if you’re really paranoid with Paraben stuff, be happy because it doesn’t have Paraben~ 8D/

I use this twice a day, after brushing my teeth in the morning and at night.  Let’s see if it will *really* rejuvenate* my lips in a week! Been using this for around five days only~ XD


Before application (top) After application (bottom pic)

I know I have the driest lips ever but the balm really helps to not make it look too dry. Heeee~ The scent is yummy too, and I love how it doesn’t feel too heavy and too glossy.  You can apply this before putting lipstick for extra protection and/or moisture. 🙂 Would love to try the other flavors too! 🙂

What about you? What’s your favorite lip balm? :O

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