My Tita sells Avon products and I want to help her by buying some from her even though I’m a Sophie dealer. Hoho. The first time I bought lipstick from Avon was a disaster and I should’ve learned my lesson.

But since I heard (or read) a lot of positive reviews on Avon lipsticks, I tried once again.  Originally, it was priced at PhP450 (too expensive for Avon! D:) but I just “bought” (haven’t paid yet haha) it for PhP250.  I have no idea why Avon lowered their price, but a lot of people seem to like this lipstick line so I decided to buy one for myself too. My first choice was Pop Pink and I told Tita that if it’s not available, I’ll order Divine Wine instead.

I received my order today and assumed that Pop Pink wasn’t available so I got my new Divine Wine lipstick.  I felt so giddy while opening the lipstick ;___;

The reason why I ordered Divine Wine is because according to the catalog, the shade’s supposed to be PURPLE. Or something close to it at least.





With flash.

See? I don’t see any purplish shade T___T; Well the lipstick’s pretty good since it moisturizes and is easier to apply because of its shape.  Though a bit odd don’t  you think? 🙂 I’ve never seen a lipstick like this before! The lipstick feels nice and not too heavy as well.  It has glitters but very wearable.  I prefer having glitters on my lips instead of really thick / greasy / oily gloss.

Actually, I have a lipstick with this shade before : Sophie’s Russian Red Lipstick which I bought for only PhP55 (orig price: PhP79 but I’m a Sophie member so less 30% \^o^/) I would have loved it if I got the shade I wanted!


Picture with flash looks…. weird @.@ Bottom picture, no flash.  Well it looks decent in person but overall I’m not really satisfied X_X First, I ordered the Juicy Papaya lipstick because I thought it’s a nice shade of orange but it’s nowhere near Orange okay.  And this one is super duper faaar from purple sooo.. 🙁

I don’t know how anyone can convince me to buy another Avon lipstick.

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